digital solutions for the human experience.


We provide web and mobile development services. We help clients build their online or mobile presence from the ground up using advanced web and mobile technologies. We promote your product, brand, or idea through multiple device platforms, social media & crowdfunding channels. We also develop web based systems crafted specifically for your business.


Hmmm... Does this look right? Will the user understand how to use it? Maybe the colors aren't right? Asking the right questions... We have a talented UX/UI team that will polish and place the makeup on your (website, app).

Consistency and efficiency is what we aim for to provide pixel perfect interfaces for your users to interact with. Creating memorable experiences to engage your target audience and enhance brand awareness through all possible outlets.


Digital devices and platforms augment our ability to understand, analyze, perceive and make decisions — Here at zeroh-creative we believe that great design can change the way consumers and brands interact with each other. We specialise in user experience to provide better interaction between products and the consumers.

Our methods include rapid prototyping, ongoing usability testing and iterative development to bridge the gap between the users and digital experiences. User-centric design is at the core of every strategy in order to understand and place the appropriate solutions.


Our focus on web development allows us to better understand and provide unique solutions for your business. We approach user experiences through all integrated practices to enable and drive growth. We deliver a full stack ecosystem that combines both the front-end (design) and back-end (programming) to work simultaneously in order to provide a customized solution for the overall strategy.

Technology in web development continuously evolves as we progress to interact with our users through multiple digital outlets. Best practices in technology have led us to create sustainable products for future expandability & adaptations.


What's a content menagement system? Nope. It's not wordpress (blog platform). We cultivate specialised systems to fit your specific business needs. We won't give you the cookie cutter template and we won't provide you with a hackable & collapsable back-end engine to manage your business. We give you the flexibility and adaptability that will grow as your business expands.

We give you the control you need in order to succeed. We let you edit content, add media and integrate system technologies such as API's. We combine a complete strategy for your dashboard to manage your business under one platform. Great power is placed directly in your hands.


We develop and design mobile apps for native devices such as android and ios.
We focus on design elements for the user interface and experience.


Our focus in App Development allows us to cultivate experiences that enhance the engagement of your users through multiple devices. We target and strategize on solutions to launch applications whether it be a Hybrid or Native app.

App development revolves around a complete business strategy in which we carefully analyze. We provide you with the best possible outcomes and solutions to launch your product / idea. We are here to guide you all the way.


Applications are designed with the understanding of psychology in user behaviour. Every design decision that’s made should focus on delivering a slick and seamless user experience in order to increase conversion performance. We focus on what the user sees and how they can easily interact with the product. The information gathered will ultimately help to fulfill wider strategic objectives.


UI design plays a very important role in today’s applications. Designing an application requires the idea of building something beyond one device. That means scalability not only in function, but design, and details have to be thought out for every possible scenario both currently and in the future. The adaptability / felxibility of an application delivers a better engaging interaction with your brand, target audience , & users.


We provide multi-services in branding, illustration, packaging, print and photography. We keep consistency through brands to engage, promote & advertise their presence to a specific targeted audience. We direct in visual communication.


Who? What? When? Where? Are you listening and responding to your target audience? Is the interaction between your target audience and brand bridging through experiences? How do you plan to accomplish an actionable and measurable objective to reach your goals?

There's alot on the table. No worries, we have you covered with the right tools needed to enhance your brands interaction between your target audience. Understanding and planning drives digital strategy and it's what we do best.


Designing a logo is not branding. Branding involves strategy. It’s a unique combination of a logo, words, typefaces, colors, personality, price, customer service, aesthetics, attitude, voice, and more, all working together to convey the personalized essence of what your company, product, or service stands for. How important is your corporate brand?

Strong brands capture the attention of their audience through memorable experiences and connecting at an emotional level. Motivating consumers and capturing their loyalty, makes all the difference in the world. Let's make your brand scream louder and lets capture the attention it truly deserves.


We create, engage, and influence social impact.


zeroh-creative integrates comprehensive social media strategies that drive ongoing marketing success. Launch strategies involving social outreach efforts that support specific marketing objectives and business goals to generate leads, traffic, and brand awareness.

We track the progress and success of all social efforts. Clients receive comprehensive analytics reports that tie social efforts back to business goals, and marketing objectives. Generating further insights for future brand success.


How current & relevant is your content? Does it fully wrap around your brand identity? Hmmm. Yes, content is important. It ain't PB&J without the PB&J. We focus on the overall guidelines to provide the best output in all digital content. We create a core structure to implement content accordingly to the brand's integrity.

This allows us to focus on the interaction between what's being delivered and what is actually being captured from the user's perspective. We strive to capture the right attention and provide relevant content to enhance brand awareness.