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Zeroh Creative is an on-demand team & digital partner for emerging mobile tech startups. We specialize in business, growth, and exit strategies.


Our mission is to slaughter the unrealistic exchange among founders and accelerators. We don't do coffee, office space, mentors, and demo days in exchange of equity in your startup. More value and transparency is what we pride ourselves on.

We provide value at three different stages as a distributed on-demand team for a % of your company on a vested quarterly schedule. A minimal exchange for an entire team that doesn't mind getting their hands dirty.

Pre Seed

At this stage you have an idea and you're seeking to find the best resources to define, develop, and execute your plan of action.

  • Business strategies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Branding canvas
  • Reasearch
  • Formation
  • Grants
  • Crowd / funding
  • MVP development
  • & more

  • Seed

    At this stage you have an MVP and have some traction but are now seeking to attain funding to launch and go to market.

  • Positioning
  • MVP Iteration
  • Marketing startegies
  • Sales strategies
  • Branding
  • Defined Pitch
  • Saturation / Financial Planning
  • On demand executive team
  • Investor relations
  • & more

  • Series X

    At this stage you have launched and gained your first round of funding but now need to accelerate growth to increase revenue.

  • MVP to final product
  • Next round funding
  • Growth marketing
  • Sales systems
  • Operational ecosystem
  • Team management
  • Strategic Development
  • Account management
  • International relations
  • & more

  • We're seeking to partner with and launch 15 emerging mobile tech startups a year. We help startups develop, launch, and grow. Think you're valuable, unique, and worth our time?

    Our management fee once approved is a $3k investment divided over 3 months. That's only a 3% contribution on your behalf for $100k+ in consultancy services.

    We build your MVP at 50% off the standard market rate saving you tens of thousands on design and development.

    We work with you at a one on one level as a full on demand team. We help you identify the right investors, provide you with all the resources, open access to our network, and take the upfront risk on time and energy as sweat equity.

    Start-up Partner

    A digital agency with a new approach to working with startups. Let's launch your SaaS app together! We got you covered.

    Private Network

    We connect you to investors, lawyers, mentors, business specialists and other valuable resources to help you succeed.

    International Market

    A driven team that helps accelarate and launch sucessful products in the US & International markets.